Green Dot Award 2024
We got the certificate of "Green Dot Award - One of the Best" at the Drupa Exhibition 2024 in Germany.
The Green Dot is awarded for great sustainability and innovative, visionary manufacturing thinking. We will continue to study and make the utmost efforts for sustainable development.
Green Energy Program
Sustainability of the energy sector is a matter of urgency. Since 2022,
we have been ISO 14064 certified and have installed 5,200 square meters of solar panels at our China based factory.
They are projected to reduce around 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
We are proud about the effort we have made. The program will be continued.
Sustainable Material Applications
Recycled & Recyclable
Alternative options for:
Anti-scratch or soft touch PP lamination PET trays Polyester ribbons PET Metpol PE bags Magnets Mineral inks
New Material Applications
Safer & Greener
Low halogen foils
PLA materials Low migration inks Cellulose materials